Unexpected Potentials of Marine Resources

UNEX offers a new look at marine resources thanks to various guest lecturers working on bioinspiration. Students work on creating a solution (product, service...) inspired by marine organisms, for which they develop the business and communication plans in ENOV2 in parallel. At the end of the module, they organize their own seminar with speakers of their choice and produce outreach materials.

program: Science & Society
code name: UNEX
module family: #Marine Biology  #Science & Society
credits: 4 ECTS
semester: Fall (semester 3)

UN Sustainable Development Goals:




 Students should

  • improve creativity and thinking out of the box
  • develop analytical capacity
  • use scientific method,
  • identify societal challenge
  • combine and apply interdisciplinary knowledge acquired with MARRES


  • Bioinspiration (lecture and workshop)
  • Case studies
    • Microalgae for society
    • Jellyfish inspired material for biotech
    • Corals for Health
    • Octopus based inspiration
    • ...


  • Eric Rottinger (UCA, IRCAN lab, module coordinator)
  • Dominic Adriaens (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Guest speakers
    • Médéric Argentina (UCA, INPHINY lab)
    • Xavier Bailly (Sorbonne, CNRS, Station Biologique de Roscoff)
    • Stephanie Barnay-Verdier (UCA IRCAN lab)
    • Rachid Benchaouir (Coraliotech, Monaco)
    • Olivier Bernard (UCA, INRIA)
    • Rémi Dumollard (Sorbonne, CNRS IMEV)
    • Oliver Detournay (Planktovie)
    • Eric Gilson (UCA, IRCAN lab)
    • Christian Hamm (OST, Switzerland)
    • Irene Kopelman (artist)
    • Andrew Mearns Spragg (Jellagen, UK)
    • Letizia Zullo (IIT, Italy)


  • Project presentation
  • Outreach material (Oh WoW poster & Stop-motion movie)
  • Organisation of the UNEX seminar
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