Unexpected Potentials of Marine Resources

This course proposes students to observe & analyze marine organisms and develop a new research program to valorize the identified potential for the society or to take advantage of the identified biological feature of interest to develop a new research model


UNEX | #Science & Society | 4 ECTS

Semester 3 (Fall)


Learning outcomes

Students should be able to

  • improve creativity and thinking out of the box
  • develop analytical capacity
  • use scientific method,
  • identify societal challenge
  • combine and apply interdisciplinary knowledge acquired with MARRES


  • Bio-inspiration/mimicry
  • Potentialities of marine organisms
  • Developing a research model
  • Case studies
    • Whole body regeneration
    • Cehalopods from regeneration to robotics
    • Corals & Aging
    • Biofuel from microalgae
    • Marine resources for (eco)toxicology
    • Coral inspired innovation for Heath & Well-being 
    • Nature inspired art
    • Symbiotic acoels for science, education & Innovation
    • Guest speakers invited by the students (the UNEX seminar)


  • Eric Rottinger (UCA, IRCAN lab, module coordinator)
  • Xavier Bailly (Sorbonne, CNRS, Station Biologique de Roscoff)
  • Stephanie Barnay-Verdier (UCA IRCAN lab)
  • Rachid Benchaouir (Coraliotech)
  • Rémi Dumollard (Sorbonne, CNRS IMEV)
  • Oliver Detournay (Planktovie)
  • Eric Gilson (UCA, IRCAN lab)
  • Irene Kopelman (Freelance artist)
  • Christophe Mocquet (UCA)
  • Letizia Zullo (IIT, Italy)
  • guest speakers invited by the students (The UNEX seminar). 2020 guests:
    • Dominique Adriaens (Ghent University)
    • Amar Kamat (Groningen University)
    • Asa Jomard (blogger, author, creative learning, biomimicry)
    • Laura E. Wangerin (Wisconsin-Madison University)


  • Project presentation
  • Outreach material (Oh Wow poster & Stop-motion movie)
  • Organisation & invitation of speakers for the UNEX seminar
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