University Libraries

Accessible to students, teachers, researchers, staff as well as people from outside the university, the university libraries cover all the educational and research fields on offer at Université Côte d'Azur.

Etudiants travaillant à la BU Saint-Jean d'Angély
Etudiants travaillant à la BU Saint-Jean d'Angély

ULs support you throughout your studies and research work

All the ULs contain a wealth of documentary sources, and much more through interlibrary loans (libraries in France and abroad).  
At the UL, you can work in a peaceful setting either alone or in groups in the work rooms and at the Montebello Co-learning Center. 

Library facilities include:
•    Laptop computers for working in the library, 
•    Wi-Fi access,
•    Low-cost printing, photocopying and scanning services

Do you have a question about the LU, or online resources? 
Ask a librarian who will get back to you promptly. You can also get personalized support from the staff in each LU. 

Research support
Whether you are a PhD student, a research professor or a researcher, the research unit supports you in publishing your work and managing and handling your research data. 


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Other libraries

Associated libraries

A network of associated libraries based in institutes or research laboratories are also available and offer their services under their own terms. 

•    Library of the J.-A. Dieudonné Mathematics Laboratory
•    Libraries of the IUT
•    Media libraries of the Higher National Institute of Professorship and Education
•    CEPAM Library
•    Gredeg Library


Libraries and documentary collections of member institutions

A network of libraries and documentary collections in the member institutions of Université Côte d'Azur offers documents and specific services of the subjects taught in their institutions.  Their services can be accessed in accordance with their own terms of use. 

•    National center of musical composition CIRM  
•    Observatory of Côte d'Azur Libraries 
•    Villa Arson library
•    ERACM