Getting organised

Have you been offered a place on one of our courses? Congratulations!

You are about to start one of the most exciting experiences of your life and the MSc International Office is here to make the administrative procedures clearer and hopefully easier.

The Moving to France section of our website is mostly intended for our prospective and current international students who will have to keep on top of their university application, visa application, accommodation search, health insurance, and all the issues related to a big move.

And if you need to, you can always contact us!

What to do nexts: your to-do lists

  • Confirm you accept our offer on the e-candidat platform
  • Fill in your registration form and send it back to the MSc International Office along with your CVEC
  • Pay your tuition fees
  • Finalise your university registration
  • Apply for a visa
  • Plan your accommodation search
  • Register with the French health insurance system
  • Validate your visa
  • Get your student card
  • Take out civil liability insurance for your internship
  • Open a bank account
How to accept the University's offer?
What is the registration form & the CVEC?
How can I pay for my tuition fees?
How can I finalise my university registration?
How can I apply for a visa?
How can I plan my accommodation search?
  • Make sure you know about the different student accommodation possibilities in France. This is explained in our accommodation section.
How to register with the health insurance?
  • International students must register to the French general social security system upon arrival in France. Read more in pur administrative procedures section.
How do I validate my visa?
How can I get my student card?
  • As soon as you have finished your registration and have uploaded all your required documents to the PJweb platform, you will get a student card that allows you to access the buildings, take advantage of some special offers and to charge it with money. The student card will be issued by your registrar's office.
What is the civil liability insurance?
  • Civil liability refers to the obligation to compensate for physical injury and material damage caused to others. If you do an internship, you need to take out civil liability insurance. The insurance company then covers the damages caused to the third party.
How can I open a French bank account?
  • In general, you need to be settled in France before opening a French bank account. The list of required documents normally includes: a passport, a proof of residence no older than 3 months (rental contract, water, electricity, internet bill, etc...), proof of enrolment at the university.