Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2: Intellectual Property

This module equips students with knowledge of intellectual property law and of the place of intellectual property and technology transfer in Science, Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

It proposes also a continuation of the coaching of student's entrepreneurship ventures (following ENOV1).


ENOV2 | #Science & Society | 4 ECTS

Semester 3 (Fall)


Learning outcomes

Students should be able to

  • continue developing their entrepreneurial idea (if applicable) initiated in the previous semester (module ENOV1).
  • appraise the international landscape of intellectual property.
  • identify potential intellectual property in relation to marine science
  • choose and implement appropriate tools to value this property (patents, licensing...)


  • Where do you stand with your project?
  • Prototyping, what we learn from science
  • Introduction to advanced skillsets
  • Introduction to human performance
  • Social, open and digital innovations
  • Manage yourself
  • Build a dreaming Team
  • Intellectual property
  • Technology transfer



  • Christophe IMBERT (INRIA)
  • Guillaume LE PORT (Blue Seeds)


  • Final written assessment
  • Project presentation
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