Environmentally-friendly campuses

The mission of the eco-responsible campuses and laboratories is to bring together all the university's stakeholders and to construct the eco-responsible and innovative university of tomorrow together. The project consists of several dimensions:

  • awareness and information actions,
  • implementation of new methodologies,
  • research and innovation themes in order to reduce, recycle and valorize the university's waste.

Commit to eco-responsible campuses and labs

Throughout the 2018-2019 year, students and staff alike have the opportunity to participate in recurrent and DIY (Do It Yourself) workshops. Uniting and eco-responsible events are also held on all UCA campuses, with local projects such as composting, gardens and permaculture, campus recycling, adaptation of the "precious plastic like" concept, etc.
UCA zero waste ambassador kits are also available for students and staff who want to get more involved.

Become the future ambassadors of tomorrow’s university

  • Charter of commitment,
  • Monitoring of waste at home and on campus,
  • Commitment to attend 4 workshops throughout the year.

And receive your kits, including a bottle, ecocup, reusable bag, thermal mug, washable wipes and pocket ashtray. 


Emilie Demoinet
Mission Université Côte d’Azur  / zero waste and circular economy mission