Research applications

Finding applications for research

Finding applications for the research work performed in the laboratories is a major focus for Université Côte d'Azur, which is structured in such a way as to promote the research work in our laboratories by setting up bodies and specific offices.  The University supports research collaborations with the socio-economic world, and provides legal assistance via the Agreements and Application Office (SCV) of the Research, Exploitation and Innovation Unit.

The SCV strives to finds the best applications for the skill-sets of the laboratories and research results while protecting the interests of the University, its laboratories, researchers and research professors. It therefore acts as the interface between the laboratories and their institutional and industrial partners for contractual issues and finding applications for the research.

Two main roles

1. Managing contractual issues for both national and international research projects

Once contacted by researchers and research professors across all disciplines, SCV takes great care in understanding research projects despite this often-requiring technical knowledge. This understanding enables them to guide the researchers and research professors in selecting their contractual template and providing the appropriate legal recommendations.
SCV then handles drafting and negotiating research agreements with the partners, in discussion with the other supervisory bodies of the laboratories in question. The wide variety of agreements (collaboration, service provision, consortium, MoU, MTA, etc) demonstrates the flexibility of their contractual technique.
For all the agreements they examine, SCV ensures compliance with the statutes, the University’s policy and the policies of other supervisory bodies, especially with respect to finding applications for the research results.

2. Protecting and exploiting innovations from research work  

To achieve its objective of finding applications for the research results, SCV provides any researchers and research professors who make the request, with laboratory log books, which are effective tools for tracing research work. SCV is the starting point for the University’s researchers and research professors to file any invention discovered in their laboratories.  Based on their initial statement, SCV determines the path for exploiting such innovative intangible assets, in concert with SATT South East for those roles assigned to it.    SCV is also involved in the agreements to transfer the intangible assets (patents, software, know-how, etc.) to the industrial world, for any intangible assets for which it still retains management.

Advice and information for research teams

Other than these main roles, the Agreements and Applications Office provides ongoing advice to research teams and University staff.  Fully aware of the needs of the University’s laboratories, SCV is planning to develop awareness building campaigns targeting research teams on issues such as partnership and applications. All the team, comprising experienced practitioners from the public and private research sectors are available to help the University's research professors and researchers by guiding and supporting them to find contractual solutions for their projects and/or protect and exploit the results of their research.

Contact SCV

For any question about negotiating R&D agreements, implementing or monitoring research applications and innovation, please contact the Agreements and Application Office: