Natural Resource Valorization

This course provides knowledge on natural products (cosmetic, pharmaceutics...) extracted from marine organisms and on related nomenclature. It also connects natural products used in the day to day life to their taxonomic origin. 


NARVAL | #Chemistry & Biotechnology | 4 ECTS

Semester 2 (Spring)


Learning outcomes

 Students should

  • familiarity with a range of natural products and their medical uses
  • ability to recognize key compound classes on the basis of molecular structure
  • an appreciation of the mode of action of selected natural products
  • connecting marine organisms to bioproducts of interest


  • Introduction to marine biotechnology
  • Secondary metabolites from marine organisms
  • Fields of valorization (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, materials, environmental)
  • Chemical ecology: molecules used in ecological interactions
  • Biomacromolecules in natural resources (cellulose, starch, alginates, chitin, hemicellulose...)
  • Bioplastics and biodegradable plastics
  • Microalgae based biotechnology
  • Marine Fungi based biotechnology


  • Mohamed Mehiri (ICN lab, UCA, module coordinator)
  • Cécile Sabourault (ECOSEAS lab, UCA)
  • Nathanael Guigo (ICN lab, UCA)
  • Claire Hellio (Université de Bretagne Occidental)
  • Giovanna Cristina Varese (University of Turin)


  • Written examination (final)
  • Oral presentations
  • Journal club
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