On the Côte d'Azur, travel opportunities are numerous. In addition to traveling with your own vehicle (see the “Driver’s Licenses” page), you can take advantage of available public transportation.

Bus and tramway

Lignes d’Azur is the public transit agency, which provides the bus and tram routes in Nice and several neighboring cities (except Saint Laurent du Var). A “solo” ticket costs 1 € 50 for a trip with a free transfer allowed within 74 minutes as long as the trip continues in the same direction and isn’t a round trip. There is also the “Multi 10 voyages” pass for 10 €, which is good for ten trips, must be validated each time you board a bus or tram, and is subject to the same transfer conditions as the “solo” ticket.

For frequent trips on the Lignes d’Azur network, it’s more economical to buy a monthly or annual pass. The cost depends on the individual’s situation, e.g. student.

To search trip itineraries, recharge passes, and find route schedules, consult the Lignes d’Azur site.

Envibus is the public transit agency for Antibes and its surroundings. They also have buses going to Sophia Antipolis. A single ticket costs 1 €, and a ten-ride pass is
8 €.

In Cannes, Palmbus has slightly higher prices, costing 1 € 50 for a single ride and 12 € for a 10-ride pass. As for the Lignes d’Azur and Envibus, it is possible to consult routes and schedules and to plan a trip on the Palmbus site.


In France, the train network is divided into several regions, which are served by the Regional Express Transport (TER) trains. These are based in a particular area, run regularly, and enable one to travel inexpensively between different cities in the region. The Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur has established the Zou card, which allows one to obtain reduced fares on TER lines. Monthly, annual, and other subscriptions are offered to reduce your costs. For itineraries, schedules, and stations, go to the website of the Société Nationale de Chemin de Fer - SNCF.

Vélos Bleus

For those who like to feel free and don’t like public transport so much, the city of Nice has put in a Vélo Bleu network, where everyone can rent a bicycle at a self-service bike station, provided one has a mobile telephone and a credit card to pay at the rental terminal. A bicycle can be rented at and returned to any of the more than 175 stations of the network in Nice.

Several subscription options are available. For example, a year’s subscription costs 25 € plus the fee for the use of the bicycle (the first 30 minutes are free, 1 hour = 1 €, and each additional hour is 2 €).

Consult the Vélo Bleu site to register and for information on the network and bicycle availability.

Car-sharing and car service

Car-sharing and car service (car with driver) options are growing in the Côte d’Azur. These forms of transport are more economical than taxis and enable one to travel inexpensively in the region and meet people.

There are car-sharing companies for long trips. However, local car-sharing within cities has developed in the past few years. Several car-sharing apps are available for Nice; don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. They are an economical and environmentally friendly solution and serve to create social contact.

Finally, many car service competitors are available in Nice and its surroundings.