Administrative formalities

Assistance with administrative formalities

International researchers and PhD candidates: The Welcome Center informs you about administrative procedures to take care of at your arrival in France. We offer personalized assistance and help you find answers to your questions.

Steps to take

Informs you about the different steps to take to make your stay in France a success: before you leave for France, upon your arrival, long stays and what you need to consider at the end of your stay in France.

Resident cards

Depending on your nationality, the reason for your stay in France and your personal situation, you might need to request a temporary residence card when you arrive in France.

Health insurance

In France, health insurance is indispensable to cover various types of medical care. Depending on your personal situation, your work status and your nationality, you might be able to register with the French health insurance, stay registered with the health insurance in your country or take out private health insurance in France.

Complementary Health Insurance

La mutuelle or complementary health insurance is optional. Social Security does not fully cover medical bills. The mutuelle covers most or all of the remainder.


When arriving in France, you will need to take out certain mandatory insurance policies: housing insurance, liability insurance, car insurance…

Bank account

For stays in France of over three months, opening a bank account can be useful in order to simplify your transactions.


Depending on your situation, you might have to pay income tax in France and pay local taxes.

Driver's license

Depending on your status and in which country your driver’s license was issued, you can continue driving in France or might have to exchange your license for a French license.

Welcome Guide Côte d'Azur - Coming to France

Welcome Guide Côte d’Azur provides you with all the official information you need to make your installation and your stay a success.