The French State offers housing assistance for all individuals living in France. The help is provided by the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF) and varies according to the applicant's financial situation, the dwelling in which they live, and the composition of their family. Each year in January, the allowance is re-evaluated according to the criteria mentioned above.

It is important to apply for housing assistance as soon as you move into your accommodation, because the aid is only paid the month following the approval of your application. It is usually paid directly to the owners who then deduct the equivalent amount of the subsidy from the rent.

Different subsidies are allocated according to each applicant’s situation and are therefore not cumulative. The CAF also provides a calculation page to estimate the amount of assistance for which you might be eligible.

Different CAF subsidies

Personalized Housing Assistance - Aide Personnalisée au Logement (APL)

This assistance is granted to people with APL approved accommodation, in which the owner has fulfilled an agreement with the French State to maintain a defined level of rent, among other things. In return, the owner benefits from financial advantages. The tenant must ask their landlord if the accommodation is APL approved. The dwelling must be the primary residence of the applicant, regardless of whether or not it is a furnished apartment, or if the landlord is a university or private residence or even a hotel.

Apply for an APL on the CAF website.

The Family Housing Allowance - Allocation de Logement à caractère Familial (ALF)

This allowance is granted to people whose housing is not APL-registered and who have children (born or expected), who were married less than five years ago (you and your spouse must both be younger than 40 years old). The amount awarded varies according to the applicant's financial and family situation, and place of residence.

Apply for an ALF on the CAF website.

The Social Housing Allocation - Allocation de Logement à caractère Social (ALS)

This allowance is for individuals who are not eligible for the APL and ALF. The amount allocated (generally lower than the PLA and ALF) is calculated based on the financial and family situation, and location of the housing.

Apply for an ALS on the CAF website.

Please note:

The visa validation process and/or the request for a titre de séjour must be completed for third-country nationals in order to be eligible for assistance from the CAF. If not, the application will be put on hold until a photocopy of the visa validation and/or the residence card is obtained.

Before you can submit a request for subsidies online, you need to download a form to make a detailed declaration of your and your family's situation and income ("Déclaration de situation pour les prestations familiales et les aides au logement") to obtain a CAF number -"numéro d'allocataire".