Expected Background

The MSc MARRES is a graduate program. Its main track Science & Society opens to research and requires a solid background in life science obtained thanks to a 3 or 4-year bachelor or licence (French term) in a related discipline (biology, conservation and/or biochemistry). Anyway, we regularly open our program to students with other backgrounds (such as engineering, management, economy, communication), provided they can demonstrate outstanding levels of maturity, motivation and an already good knowledge of biology in general, or marine science in particular, acquired from non-academic pipelines (such as great diving experiences and marine conservation programs). Interested candidates with no life science background are expected to take the online Science Booster certification of 60h, or could be interested instead by the 1-year track for Blue Managers.

The English proficiency of applicants must correspond to a B2 level (preferentially C1). It must be recognized by an official test (such as Toefl iBT >80, Toefl ITP >550 or IELTS >6.5), by having attended successfully to an undergraduate or graduate program delivered fully in English, or by being a native speaker. 


SCIENCE & SOCIETY - Non EU students and/or with no EU taxes: 7000€
- French & EU students with EU taxes: 300 to 7000€ depending on the household income of the parents. Check table below.
to June 15
on our e-candidat platform: select "MSc MARRES - Science & Society - Year 1" to apply in the first year of the program
BLUE MANAGERS - 8000€ for students completing the program in 1 year
- 5000€ /year if taken in 2 years
to July 15
on our e-candidat platform, select "MSc MARRES - Blue managers"
SCIENCE BOOSTER - 900€ All through the year send a CV, copy of passeport and last diploma to msc-marres@univ-cotedazur.fr Explain in the email  (or as a separate file) your motivation to join the Science Booster training.
*Fees for students joining the program in Fall 2023.
Registration fees table for the Science & Society track
yearly fees
non EU-resident 7,000 €
annual gross income*
< 30,000 € 300 €
30,000 - 39,999 € 3,000 €
40,000 - 59,999 € 5,000 €
60,000  + 7,000 €
* based in a EU country
  • Université Côte d'Azur, through its Idex program, offers Excellence scholarships of 5000 euros, combined with tuition fee waiver, for which any candidate to an MSc. program for the academic year 2021-2022 can apply. 
  • If you are a European candidate (non French), you can apply to the "France Excellence Europa" scholarship by March 15, 2022. Developed by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and launched during the French Presidency of the European Union, the "France Excellence Europa" scholarship program allows students from 26 European Union countries to obtain scholarships to study at the Master's level in a French institution of higher education.
  • Check the Campus France (French government platform) for the Grants / Scholarships that may apply to you
  • Check the UCA related page for other ideas of scholarships you could apply to
  • Check the UCA related page for getting an idea of the cost of living in the French riviera


When are the applications assessed?

Applications are assessed on a monthly-basis from February to the end of the period. A feedback is provided to the students within the following month.

  • For Science & Society
    • Round 1: applications should be complete by February 28
    • Round 2: applications should be complete by March 31
    • Round 3: applications should be complete by April 30
    • Round 4: applications should be complete by May 28
    • Round 5: applications should be complete by June 15

  • For Blue Managers
    • Round 1: applications should be complete by February 28
    • Round 2: applications should be complete by March 31
    • Round 3: applications should be complete by April 30
    • Round 4: applications should be complete by May 31
    • Round 5: applications should be complete by June 30
    • Round 6: applications should be complete by July 15

  • Applications for the Science Booster are reviewed every week all year long.
What are the documents required? - How to improve my chance to be selected?
For both the Science & Society and Blue Managers track, be prepared to upload documents such as
  • a recent picture of you (choose a nice one, it's for the student card and official information)
  • a copy of your passeport
  • your transcripts of the last 3 years
  • a copy of your last awarded diploma
  • your english proficiency proof (Toefl or equivalent). You don't need this document if you are a native speaker and/or if you have successfully attended a higher-education program fully taught in English.
  • a resume (CV) where you should highlight both your education but also your experiences (student jobs, field trips, internships, volunteering...)
  • a motivation letter and 2 to 3 academic and professional reference letters. These letters will be sent directly by their writers, students should carefully choose them to highlight, when possible, their open-mindedness and curiosity, motivation to work and dedication (in general, and in the marine field in particular) & academic excellence and commitment to success.
  • we will also ask you to produce a short video of 4 minutes, first to introduce yourself in 2 minutes (who you are, why you want to join us) and then to explore a case study combining ocean science, conservation and/or innovation (an existing one, or your own project). Tip: students are expected to be curious and open-minded, especially regarding the socio-economic implications of science. We encourage applicants to fine-tune their video as a sign of professionalism and motivation.
What if I'm in my last year of bachelor and I won't get my diploma before the application deadline?

Don't worry, this is perfectly normal. You can upload a previous diploma (e.g. from high school) or simply provide information about when you'll complete your Bachelor's degree. If your application is successful, your registration will be conditional to the reception of the diploma / certificate of graduation / final transcript before the beginning of the academic year.

What are the feedback I can receive from the application committee?

For the master level programs, after reviewing your application (on a monthly basis), the committee can come back to you with three possible feedbacks.

  • You are accepted. Congratulations, you have one week to confirm your decision on e-candidat and then start the paiement process (first installment)
  • You are not accepted. Sorry, the programme receives many applications and unfortunately cannot accept them all. This does not mean that your application is weak, but that it is not among the best ranked according to the elements you have produced. Note that you cannot submit another application for the same year, but you can retry the following year.
  • You are not accepted, but your application has been placed on the waiting list. In this case, your file will be re-examined at the end of the application period, and a positive answer could be given depending on the withdrawals that may take place. This is not a very comfortable position and we are aware of this, so we try to limit this option to a few applications only.
What is the proportion of accepted applications?
  • In Science & Society, the selection committee has accepted between 25 to 30% of the applications for the Y1 for the last intakes. We recommend early applications to maximize your chances. Direct entries in Y2 for this track are rare given the expected interdisciplinary background, we recommend you to contact us before your application.
  • In Blue Managers, the selection is based on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the maturity level of the career redirection. We recommend that you contact us prior to your application in order to best define your career plan.
What if you want to join us without a Life Science background?
  • If you want to apply to the Science & Society track without a strong natural science background, you will be invited to take the online level-up preparation (Science Booster) of 60h in Spring. Note that following the Science Booster certification does not guarantee acceptance into the Science & Society programme, but commitment and success may constitute elements in the candidate's advantage.
  • If you are already working (professionals from all sectors), have recently graduated from a master program or are currently enrolled in another master's program, you may be interested in the 1-year track for "Blue Managers"
What codes should I select on e-candidat?
  • To apply to the Science & Society track
    • select "MSc MARRES - Science & Society - Year 1" to apply in the first year of the program
    • select "MSc MARRES - Science & Society - Year 2" to apply in the 2nd year of the program (when you have a scientific background corresponding to a Bachelor in 4y or already a master degree)
  • To apply to the Blue Manager track
    • select "MSc MARRES - Blue Managers"
  • To apply to the Science Booster certification
    • directly send a CV, copy of passeport and last diploma to msc-marres@univ-cotedazur. Explain in the email (or as a separate file) your motivation to join the Science Booster training.

Let's talk together about your application!

Contact a member of the MARRES team to help you choosing the track that best fits your goals and/or to prepare and complete your application. You can text us by using Messenger and you can book a 1:1 meeting with us on Zoom (on Mondays) via the scheduler also on our Facebook page.


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