Science, Conservation & Valorization of Marine Resources

Engage in an interdisciplinary and international approach to combine the scientific, economic and social potentials of the Ocean


Science & Society

In a world that is finally beginning to understand the importance of the ocean to our society, it is critical that scientific, economic and societal stakeholders work together. Science seeks to better understand the relationships between marine organisms and their environment, thus facilitating the protection of the ocean by highlighting its value to society. In parallel, our understanding of the marine environment opens up new economic opportunities in the fields of aquaculture, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, tourism, construction and energy.


The MARRES programs

In its main track "Science & Society", the M.Sc. degree in "Science, Conservation and Valorization of Marine Resources" prepares students to pursue a Ph.D., as a prelude to their future research career. They will also be able to develop conservation projects locally or internationally. Students will have the foundations to enter the private sector, where they will be able to model the marine environment, become project managers or auditors in environmental consulting firms. Finally, they can become entrepreneurs by developing the countless marine resources that they will help to protect.

If you want to join the 2-year program from a limited life science background, you may be interested by our level-up program. And if you are a professional or a graduate from another field, you can be interested by the 1-year track "Blue Managers".
  • Objective: Pursue a PhD to start a research career, join conservation, environmental consultancy, biotechnology industry, or start your blue entrepreneurship initiative
  • Duration: 2 years - Recommended on-site, possibly partly online.
  • Requirements: Bachelor's / Licence in Life science or equivalent diploma in a relevant discipline (Biology, Ecology, Ocean Science, Natural Science...) or from another discipline by taking the level up training.
  • Objective: Apply to the MSc. MARRES main track "Science & Society" without a solid life science background / acquire basic knowledge in life science
  • Duration: 3 months (April to June) - Fully online
  • Requirements: Bachelor's / Licence or equivalent diploma in a non Life science discipline
  • Objective: Open / boost / redirect your career toward Blue Growth through one of the specializations: MPA management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, or Human impact assessment.
  • Duration: 1 year - Fully online
  • Requirements: Master or equivalent diploma in Life science discipline or another discipline (such as Economics, Engineering, Communication...).
What about UCA & the MARRES diploma?

Université Côte d'Azur (UCA) was established in 2015 from the convergence of Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis and regional partners such as CNRS, INRIA, INRAE and SKEMA Business School. The following year, it was awarded the very selective IDEX label by the French government, which recognizes the top 10 universities in France. In 2018, UCA opened 10 new education programs, all prioritizing international development, interdisciplinary cooperation and employability. MARRES is one such program.

Our graduate program (grade "master" awarded by the French Ministry of Higher Education) is fully taught in English and welcomes a majority of international students. It benefits from innovative learning methods (blended-learning, hybrid teaching, reinforced interactions, rich course content, integrated projects) and the program has been developed from a skills-based approach with potential employers. Part of the curriculum is available online for increased flexibility in the case of short absences, work commitments, or if you live on the other side of the planet (however your presence will be mandatory for certain parts of the "Science & Society" track). Students benefit from the scientific expertise of the laboratories of the Côte d'Azur, and the environmental management approach of Skema Business School.

Which MARRES program best suits you according to your level of education?

1 | with a Bachelor level in Natural science, you can directly apply to the MSc. MARRES main track in 2 years "Science & Society".
2 | with a Bachelor level in another discipline (such as Economics, Engineering, Communication...), you can apply to the 2-year track "Science & Society" by passing the level-up training (2a), or if you have a master's and/or 3+years' professional experience apply to the 1-year track "Blue Managers"(2b).
3 | with a Master level, you can apply directly to the 2-year track "Science & Society" (3a) (by passing by the level-up if your discipline is not part of the Natural Sciences) or apply directly to the 1-year track "Blue Managers"(3b).

What would be the scope of your employability?

| The main track in 2 years "Science & Society" opens to all the sectors of the marine resources (Research, Environmental management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Education).
| The 1-year track for "Blue Managers" opens to MPA management, Environmental consultancy or Entrepreneurship & Innovation (except for the R&D) according to the chosen specialization. It opens also to Education through Ocean literacy and ocean-related awareness.



Applications for Fall 2021

The application platform for the MSc. program (Fall 2021 intake) is open until June 15, 2020.

Interested candidates are invited to get more information about the program on this website (program, immersion projects, student life...). All the elements to apply are available in the "Join us" section. Applications for the level-up program (for students aiming to join the MSc program with no life-science background) and for the one-year certification for Blue Managers will be possible from mid January 2020. You can contact the student office from now.

The deadline for the next round of application is May 31, 11.30pm French time
Covid-19 situation and distant learning

The program is designed to be taken partly at a distance. Most of the modules offer a flexible distance learning approach. Lectures are mostly recorded as short video capsules combined with more practical activities and face to face sessions mostly taking place in the afternoons in France in order to be compatible with American, European and African time zones. Even if we strongly recommend students join us physically on-site, it is possible to actively participate online.

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