MARRES track "Science & Society"


Opening your employability to all the blue sectors

Our 2-year interdisciplinary approach, combined with empowering immersion projects, allows you to become researchers, conservation specialists, environmental consultant, or entrepreneurs. Whatever your interests, you will become the open-minded specialist that our society needs to solve current and emerging ocean issues.


career opportunities
  • Researcher in a private or public laboratory
  • Academic, University professor
  • Engineer


career opportunities
  • MPA manager
  • Conservation specialist
  • Science or development officer in a governmental or NGO
  • Environmental awareness / Ocean literacy


career opportunities
  • specialist in an environmental consultancy firm
  • environmental management specialist in a company or free-lance
  • CSR specialist


career opportunities
  • science or development officer in an industrial company
  • start-up entrepreneur of the Blue Growth (Tourism, Food, Energy, Biotechnology...)

To get there, we will help you to...
  • acquire high-level scientific knowledge, develop critical thinking and adopt the scientific approach in all circumstances
  • assess the current and emerging ocean-related challenges, and their possible solutions according to the socio-economic context
  • contribute to wised decision-making, through environmental quality and impact analysis, and by adapting communication to a targeted audience
  • develop entrepreneurship skills & recognize and combine scientific, economic and social potential of marine resources
through an interdisciplinary approach combining Science & Society...


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The "Science & Society" track offers an innovative and interdisciplinary way to understanding the interdependencies between scientific, societal and economic aspects of the ocean.

Marine biology


Environm. data analysis


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Science & Society


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