• Selected applicants will receive all the information concerning registration by email

Tuition Fees

European and non-European students are welcome to apply to BOOST MSc!

  • For EU students, the admission fees are 300 € / year
  • For non-EU students, the admission fees are 4000 € / year
  • For companies and staff, ask for an invoice.
Please note that the total amount of the tuition fees indicated at the time of entry into the MSc is valid for one academic year and will be carried over to the following year in case of further study and/or repetition of a year (Deliberation n° 2021-27 of the “Conseil Académique” (Academic Council) of October 28, 2021)).

Know more - See the MSc International Office (MIO)


All students living in a Non-European country will have to apply for a visa.

Please check with your nearest Campus France agency, French Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible.

Depending on your home country, the documents required for visa application may vary.  In all cases, you will need:

  • valid passport
  • proof of financial resources
  • proof of acceptation for BOOST MSc. Acceptance letter will be send by e-mail; and post-mail if required.
  • proof of accommodation. Regarding accommodation, please refer to the UCA information guide.