BOOST Students & Alumni

BOOST students come from all over the world!

They share a common interest in the environment and wish to specialise in research & innovation in plant genetic improvement, biological control, defence stimulation or biostimulants.


Jerome Monroe Bernardino - Philippines - Class 2020-2022

A legendary French poet once said, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” At such a young age, I was moved the moment I realized what it meant. Several years after, now pursuing my master’s degree, the significance of this excerpt still leaves me in awe. But this time, I am able to appreciate it in the context of biocontrol. There is more to controlling plant parasites to promote plant vigor and yield than what can be readily seen by the naked eye. I think exploiting the molecular wonders of relevant species is key to promoting plant health, and this is what I would like to specialize on.

Alexis Gruchet - France - Class 2020-2022

Hi, my name is Alexis. I’m 23 years old and I’m French. Before applying for the MSc BOOST program I was at Skema, where I obtained a bachelor in environmental science in four years, I did two years in France in Sophia Antipolis and I transfer two years in Aberdeen in Scotland to finally obtain a double degree in environmental science.
I always wanted to work in the sustainable sector and I always feel passionate about plants and their different mechanisms involve to survive and reproduce without moving. Therefore I chose to specialize my study in a sector where I feel passionate and with high quality equipment and researchers as professor that will give me the opportunity to obtain theorical and practical skills in plant domain in the best conditions.

Edison Escobar - Ecuador - Class 2020-2022

My name is Edison Escobar. I am an Engineer in Biotechnology of Natural Resources. I chose this Master because in my training I learned to develop new technologies using living organisms. In the Master I hope to expand those knowledge and specialize in pest management using microorganisms, developing products based on them and open the opportunity to investigate and develop new technologies taking advantage of the biodiversity of organisms in my country of origin Ecuador.

Guillaume Andrevon - France - Class 2020-2022

My name is Guillaume Andrevon, I am a french student in the Msc BOOST and currently working in BIOLINE AGROSCIENCES a worldwide biocontrol company. Doing this Master degree at the same time as my job in BIOLINE AGROSCIENCES is for me a huge opportunity.
My goal is to perform an engineer post after my master degree in my company and this Master is the perfect way to acquire theoreticals, and practices skills needed to involve in a biocontrol company. The diversity of teaching units allows students to well understand what biocontrol is, regarding to scientific research. The international perspective given, provides us to involve in a fruitful environment.

Mnqobi Zuma - South Africa - Class 2020-2022

I joined the BOOST program having completed my second degree in Forestry and Wood Sciences, with over 5 years industry experience at a reputable paper and packaging company in South Africa. It has been a great opportunity to follow the Biocontrol solutions for plant health Program. The overall pedagogy approach is highly in tune with key issues in the agricultural industry today. Students develop a wide range of transferable skills. They also learn how to position themselves favourably and efficiently with prospective employers. The close connection maintained by the program manager with key market players is also central to this professional approach.Nouvel onglet contenu