Academy 3 Strategy for 2021-2024

The strategy of Academy 3 is evolving in 2021:

  • Refocusing the thematic scope of Academy 3 on natural and anthropogenic hazards and risks and their impact on the environment and on society
  • Evolution from a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach to a cross-disciplinary approach, involving the co-construction of questions and projects with all stakeholders (scientific experts, practitioners, civil society…)
  • Sustainable transformation goals for our environment and society


The projects supported by Academy 3 will thus cover a continuum of the following approaches:

  1. Observation and measurement of hazards
  2. Scientific understanding of hazards
  3. Anticipation of consequences and risks
  4. Exploration of coping strategies
  5. Co-production of management responses
  6. Design of sustainable development pathways


Priority themes

  • Assessing anthropogenic hazards on human health, environments and global changes.

  • Remote sensing and artificial intelligence for natural and anthropogenic hazard assessment.

  • Natural hazards (earthquakes, landslides, floods, climatic events, etc.) and impacts on environments and societies.

  • Energy- and resource-related environmental challenges.

  • Threats on oceans and coastal areas.

  • Risk assessment and management in relation to smart cities and territories.

Projects targeting the Mediterranean Basin and the Global South are encouraged.