Academy 3 in a few words

The future of our planet is one of today’s biggest concerns. Many factors, both natural and anthropogenic, currently threaten our environment, societies, planet, and even space. The main goals of Academy 3 "Space, Environment, Risks and Resilience" are to investigate these natural and anthropogenic hazards and risks. This involves understanding the processes, diversity, interconnections and social-environmental impacts of these hazards and risks, in order to help develop actions that ensure the sustainable well-being of our societies, our environment and our planet. These questions implicate all the scientific disciplines represented at the Côte d'Azur University. The projects federated and supported by Academy 3 are therefore by nature multi-, inter-, or trans-disciplinary.
Graph Disciplines A3 2021-2023
Graph Disciplines A3 2021-2023 Disciplinary areas involved in projects funded in 2021-2023.