The project manager’s toolbox

The Maison de l'Europe et des Territoires (Center for Europe and its Regions) has developed a series of tools to assist project managers throughout the four main stages of project development:

  • Positioning and strategy
  • Drafting and formalization
  • Contract negotiation
  • Implementation and monitoring

crayon avec une check list
crayon avec une check list

Read before you start!
A Guide providing explanations on the necessary steps, the roles and responsibilities of the different project participants and the rules to be followed in order to produce an excellent proposal. 
Download the Project set up Guide 
Useful tools in the drafting phase
Checklist to verify that the project meets the assessment criteria
  • H2020 Mary S.-Curie/Individual Fellowship - Self Evaluation
  • ANR - Self-Assessment
Good practices and tips
  • How to find partners
  • How to write a successful One-Page summary
  • Rights and obligations related to communicating and disseminating projects (H2020)