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University Diploma in European Project Engineering 

European projects have become an essential part of research funding strategies but also in order to increase the international reach of all types of organizations. 
Target audience: general public
Duration: 17 days
Date: Registration will open in the fall
Prerequisites: hold a 3-year higher education degree

European funding is a highly competitive area that requires specific knowledge and skills. Now more than ever, public administrations, local authorities, associations/charities and companies need executives and technicians trained in setting up and managing European projects.
The objective of this diploma is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to:

•    Understand how EU funds work
•    Know where to find information about funding opportunities related to European projects
•    Know how to respond to a call for proposals from the European Commission,
•    Manage the administrative and financial aspects of a European project,
•    Write the interim and final reports of European projects,
•    Manage partnerships and international cooperation


The main objective of the course is to provide the necessary economic and forecasting skills (i.e. in terms of tools for predicting the strategic priorities of the European Union) in addition to technical skills (i.e. in terms of project management) to reply to the various calls for tenders launched by the European Commission.

The course will also aim to provide a cross-cutting understanding of the logic behind developing and awarding European funds. In particular, the following aspects will be addressed:

  • Structural and investment funds
  • Funding topics
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