Staff training programmes

Training to set up research and training projects

Target audience: researchers, research professors, PhD students, Project managers
Duration: 2 days
Date: Registration will open in the fall of 2020
Prerequisites: none

The Center for Europe and its Regions supports the staff of Université Côte d'Azur on a daily basis but encourages anyone wishing to follow a training course by introducing them to the key principles of setting up projects. This training course is tailored to meet the identified needs of staff, from finding funding partners to writing the course.  In doing so, the Maison de l'Europe et des Territoires (Center for Europe and its Regions) also draws on the Expertise of the Financial Affairs Office (DAF) as well as the Joint Documentation Department (SCD)


  • Identifying the different European and national funding partners and their programs
  • Mastering the procedures and tools for setting up research and educational projects
  • Writing a proposal for a call for projects
  • Understanding the expectations of non-scientific and/or educational parties: impact, communication, dissemination, ethics, management, etc.


Main module: The keys to success for writing a proposal (12 hours)

  • Introduction of the main European and national funding partners
  • Project implementation basics
  • Project definition and needs identification
  • Finding and assessing a call for projects
  • Structuring the proposal
  • Focus for Coordinators
  • Ethical issues
  • Drafting sub-sections and writing tips
  • Budget construction
  • Case studies

Optional module:  Open Science (2 hours in cooperation with the SCD)

  • Free and open access to publications from the projects
  • Managing and sharing project data and writing the Data Management Plan deliverable 

This course is intended to be scalable in order to adapt to the needs of the main parties concerned. Therefore, please feel free to send your training needs to: