When to apply ? 


Applications for the academic year 2024/2025 are open ! 


Submiting your application 

The application is done fully online, via e-Candidat. All students must apply on e-Candidat, it is mandatory.
In addition, students who reside in a country affected by the "Etudes en France" procedure must make a specific request for enrolment via Campus France website
If you have any question regarding Etudes en France, contact Campus France.

It is on e-Candidat that the asked documents will have to be uploaded. These documents have to be in English or in French. If it is not the case, an official translation must be done, otherwise the document will not be accepted. 
If a document is not accepted, your application will be considered as incomplete and you will be able to connect to e-Candidat to change the document that has been refused. 
Incomplete applications will not be considered. 


Which documents are needed ? 

A Curriculum Vitae (CV/Resume) 

The resume has to be in English, explaining your academic and professional background. 

An ID document

The document can be a passport or an ID card, and has to be valid (be careful to its expiration date). 

The university transcripts

Please upload all the official transcripts you have (in English or in French, or an official translation)

Two reference letters

The letters have to be signed and dated by the referee.

A letter of motivation

one page letter, fully written in English. 

The last diploma

A copy of your bachelor or master degree, in English or in French (or an official translation). If you are still doing your bachelor at the time of your application, please upload your high school diploma or baccalaureate. 

A document on e-Candidat will have to be download, filled and uploaded again : it is a consent form to authorize us to verify the authenticity of your last/current diploma.

An English language proficiency certificate

The MSc DSAI is fully taught in English, so French is not asked. Nevertheless, applicants from non-anglophone countries have to provide an English language proficiency certificate. The minimum English level asked is B2. 
If your last diploma was fully taught in English (the medium of instruction is often stated on the transcript or on the diploma) then the English certificate is not necessary. 
Please be careful that your English certificate is still valid (expiration date). 

English tests accepted: IELTS, TOEFL IBT, TOEFL ITP, TOEIC, General GRE, Cambridge English Exam (B2 First/FCE).

Other documents

Several documents will have to be downloaded from eCandidat, filled in and upload again such as : 

  • Authorization for diploma verification : make sure that the document is signed, with the same signature that is on your ID document.
  • Questionnaire "How did you discover our MSc ?" 
  • Detail of the prerequisites form : you will have to give more information (number of hours, year, grade, content) about courses that have been followed in Statistics, Probabilities, Algorithms and Programming. 
  • Level Check : self-assessment on Python exercices, as well as Statistics and Linear Algebra exercices.


FAQ eCandidat 

What is the difference between M1 and M2 ?

The MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is done in two years. The first year is called "M1" or "MSc 1" and the second year "M2" or "MSc 2".

Please note that you cannot apply to the M2 with only a Bachelor degree.

Can you apply to the MSc DSAI if you're still doing your Bachelor ?

If you're still doing your Bachlor, you can apply to the MSc DSAI. 

On eCandidat : 
- for "Copy of your degree certificates" you can upload your highschool diploma if any, or an official document from your current university stating you're enrolled in a Bachelor with the expected date of graduation. 
- for "Diploma verif consent form" you will have to indicate your current bachelor and the expected date of graduation.

If you get admitted to the MSc DSAI, you will to provide us your Bachelor diploma before the start of the MSc DSAI. You need to have at least a Bachelor degree to follow the MSc 1. 

You're facing issues on eCandidat ?

If you have any questions about eCandidat or if you have some troubles, please visit our user manual by clicking here.
If you are still facing a difficulty, please feel free to contact msc-data-science@univ-cotedazur.fr 

When will you have a reply regarding your application ?

The jury of the MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence meets each month. Once your file is seen as "Complet" on eCandidat, you can expect a feedback within 2 months

When are the applications open ?

Applications are usually open from January to the end of June. Check our website and social media to have the exact dates. 

What's next ? 

Have you been accepted? Great news! 

Once the academic team has accepted your application, the next step is your official registration at Université Côte d'Azur!

The MSc International Office (MIO) will contact you to explain what to do next. Visit the MSc International Office website to have more information about the procedures and download the welcome guide

If you have any questions, please send an email to msc@univ-cotedazur.fr



Connect to your eCandidat account in order to accept your application within 7 days. Once this is done, you will receive within some days your admission letter and the registration pack from the MSc International Office.


Send back to the MIO your registration form fully completed as well as the Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC). All these information will be more detailed in the registration pack sent by the MIO.


Start looking for an accommodation. The demand for students' appartment is high in the French Riviera. Do not forget that the Lucioles Campus is based in Sophia Antipolis, not in Nice.


Follow the instructions of the document "Finalize your registration" sent by the MIO to create your SESAME account and your university email address.


Apply for a visa (for non-EU students only). As the visa procedure can take some time, do start the process as soon as possible.



Once your completed registration pack will be sent back, the MIO will come back to you with more information regarding the tuition fees.



Check for health insurance and civil liability insurance.



Keep in touch with us until your arrival in France and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions !