Conditions of admission

Among all the students welcomed to this program, we have a dual priority:

  • to contribute to improving the education of today and creating the education of tomorrow. This primarily targets those who are responsible for the education of our young people (professors, teachers, and tutors).
  • to train new professionals who will create educational products in the broad sense, not only technologies but especially those related to pedagogy.

SmartEdTech incorporates both initial and continuing education with a desire for diversity, in both the public and private sectors. More importantly, at the intersection of these current professions, this training program aims to help graduates develop hybrid skills (for example as researchers and also entrepreneurs or industry professionals) who will create their own profession, tools and paths of tomorrow. 

At an academic level, the student need:

A Bachelor degree or equivalent to apply for the first year.
A Master degree or the first year of Master if the student is willing to apply directly in the second year.

A certificate of English proficiency (only for non-native English speaker).

This document can either be delivered by an official test such as IELTS or TOEFL or a written document by an actual or former employer or teacher indicating that your English level is correct.To be comfortable following the program, your level needs to be at least B2.

We give chances to candidates from various background, even to the ones who are willing to change profession and have a concrete project in mind.
A background in education is appreciated, but not mandatory.