Interdisciplinary project & Internship

Interdisciplinary project - 10 ECTS

This course requires the exploration, challenge and application of different skills and knowledge around a variety of fields.

The course aims at presenting you with some of the latest industry and academia design methodologies and approaches. As a result, during this course, you will:

  • Be introduced to a pragmatic and concrete product design process. During this journey, you will be presented with different design methodologies and the tools and techniques that they consist of. 
  • Think of, design and build your own project, through the guidance of this course.

The course consists of two assignments (2 for M1 and 2 for M2).

You can also find the course and assignment breakdown here:

Course breakdonw

More specifically, by the end of this course, you will:

  • Be familiar with Design Thinking, the Double Diamond model and Lean UX
  • Identify the different steps and tools of existing design processes
  • Set up your own design process
  • Define product goals and vision
  • Create product pitches, lean canvases, personas and user journey maps, building your own project

Internship - 25 ECTS

Depending of your own professional project, your intern can be :
  1. a standard internship, which will be finished before the report deadline

  2. a future internship that will be planned before the report deadline

  3. a part of your professional work in which you have identified what corresponds to this internship, and which will be finished at that time

  4. a professionnal project (such as creating a company) which will be entirely specified at that time