MSc Management of the flavor & fragrance industry

Renewing the world of perfume and essences together
Renewing the world of perfume and essences together

Embark on a Fragrant Journey with Our Master of Science in Management of the Flavor and Fragrance Industry

Transforming Trends, Green Innovation, and Aromatic Science Await You!

Dive into the heart of an industry that's not just about scents and flavors, but a symphony of science, creativity, and sustainability. Our Master of Science program, nestled in the picturesque French Riviera, offers you a gateway to one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving industries globally.

Why Choose Our Program?

  • Innovative Industry at Your Fingertips: The flavor and fragrance sector is reinventing itself, embracing green trends, demanding transparency, and integrating artificial intelligence. This transformation opens a world of challenges and opportunities for aspiring professionals.
  • A Hub of Aromatic Excellence: The French Riviera is not just a scenic backdrop; it is an integral part of your learning experience. This region is a powerhouse in the flavor and fragrance industry, offering insights into the entire process - from cultivating aromatic plants to creating mesmerizing fragrances. Here, you are not just studying; you're immersing yourself in an industry that shapes global trends.
  • A Blend of Science and Business Acumen: Our curriculum goes beyond chemistry. While you will delve deep into the science of flavors and fragrances, you will also master management, marketing, and regulatory aspects. This holistic approach ensures you emerge as a well-rounded professional, ready to lead and innovate in this fascinating industry.
  • Career Opportunities: With over 3,000 jobs directly stemming from this industry in the region, our program is your launchpad into a career filled with potential and global opportunities.

Our MSc program is not just an educational journey; it is a path to becoming a part of an industry that touches lives through sensory experiences. You will learn from experts, network with industry leaders, and develop skills that go beyond the laboratory and boardroom.




Overview of the MSc Flavor & Fragrance Industry

Key information
Key information