100 years of turbulent cascades

June 26.- July 7., 2023


  This two-week summer school aims to provide modern viewpoints on the concept of cascades, a key notion formalized by Lewis F. Richardson a century ago. Mornings will be devoted to minicourse delivered by lecturers from the mathematics and the physics community. In the afternoons, participants will be offered to work in small groups on original research projects supervised by guest and local researchers.


  • 04/07:
  • 03/07:
    • Program for the short talk sessions is available.
  • 02/07:
    • On Sunday,  the bus to Porquerolles will leave at 2pm from the airport.
    • Meeting time is 1:45 pm in front of  the airport terminal 1
  • 30/06:
    • Franco's lecture will be held in M37/38 (third floor)
    • Alexei's lecture will be held in the Amphitheater
  • 27/06:
    • Classes will be held in the main Amphitheater (Entrance is first floor near the coffee machines)
    • Dinner is at Brasserie de l'Union. Meeting time 8pm there!
  • 26/06: List of projects is online
Confirmed lecturers

  • Eberhard Bodenschatz (MPIDS, Göttingen)  -   Experimental techniques in turbulence measurements.
  • Laurent Chevillard (ENS Lyon)     -  The phenomenology of fluid turbulence, and its stochastic representation.
  • Benjamin Favier (IRPHE - Aix-Marseille University)   -  Turbulence in geophysical fluid dynamics.
  • Franco Flandoli (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)  -   Stochastic fluid mechanics and Boussinesq hypothesis.
  • Alessandra Lanotte (CNR NANOTEC and INFN, Lecce)  -   Breakup of small particles in turbulent flows.
  • Alexei Mailybaev (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro)   -   Turbulence predictability and spontaneous stochasticity.

Video replays of the courses are available here

  • Ryo Araki (LC)
  • Jérémie Bec
  • Christophe Brouzet
  • Eberhard Bodenschatz
  • Laurent Chevillard
  • Chiara Calascibetta (LC)
  • Ciro Campolina
  • Niccolo Cocciaglia (LC)
  • Clément Colléaux (LC)
  • André Considera
  • Guillaume Costa
  • Xander de Wit
  • Julia Domingues Lemos (LC)
  • Benjamin Favier
  • Franco Flandoli
  • Francesco Fossella (LC)
  • Enzo Francisco
  • Ewen Frogé
  • Daniil Glukhovskiy (LC)
  • Gabriel Hadjerci
  • Alessandra Lanotte
  • Alexei Mailybaev
  • Paul Mannix
  • Julie Meunier
  • Silvia Morlacchi
  • Tommy Moorcroft (LC)
  • Sergey Nazarenko
  • Andrea Papini (LC)
  • Jonathan Kostelecky (LC)
  • Vishnu Ravindran (LC)
  • Wandrille Ruffenach
  • Aswathy Sajila (LC)
  • Hugo Saraiva Tavares (LC)
  • Éric Simonnet
  • Austin Szuminsky (LC)
  • Simon Thalabard
  • Nicolas Valade
  • Ying Zhu
Short talk sessions: 6-7pm
  • Mo 3 : Chiara, Paul, Ciro, Clément
  • Tu 4 : André, Xander, Gabriel, Enzo, Julie, Nicolas
  • We 5: Hugo, Andrea, Silvia, Wandrille, Guillaume
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  • Nice, Campus Valrose : June 26. - July 2 (first week). Lectures will be held in Bat. M, rooms M37 and M38 and Amphitheater. (see Campus Map in the right panel)
  • Porquerolles, IGESA : July 2. - July 7 (second week)
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Applications are now closed. Classes held in Valrose during the first week are open for everyone interested to attend.
  • Organizing team: J.Bec, C. Brouzet, S. Nazarenko & S.Thalabard
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