About the turbulent semester

Turbulence in the 21st century

Turbulent flows are highly complex systems, with apparent disordered motion emerging from the non-linear interactions between in and out equilibrium components, involving multiscale, dissipative and possibly singular structures. Because of this unique combination, the modeling of turbulence remains one of the formidable challenges for the 21st century, both to the physicists, to the mathematicians and the engineers. Beyond the intellectual challenge, practical implications are many, from the design of efficient airplanes and wind turbines, to the explanation of key natural phenomena, such as weather and climate variability, the Earth magnetic field, or the formation of planets around young stars. Faithful modeling of this rich physics has to combine  eclectic scientific approaches, from   experimental measurements and numerical simulations to theoretical investigations, in order to develop the relevant tools to address the complexity of turbulent flows.


The semester is promoted and funded by the Excellence Academy ``Complex Systems''. It is co-funded by various partners:


The thematic semester is coordinated by Christophe Brouzet (Inphyni) and pushed forward by

  • Christophe Brouzet (Inphyni)
  • Raphael Chétrite (LJAD)
  • Giorgio Krstulovic (OCA)
  • Sergey Nazarenko (Inphyni)
  • Yannick Ponty (OCA)
  • Eric Simonnet (Inphyni)
  • Simon Thalabard (Inphyni)
  • Dario Vincenzi (LJAD)


The events of the semester will be announced on this website and also through a mailing list (Information to come). Any query, please feel free to contact any of the persons above.