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Leadership for safety capability is coming up as a key professional requirement for managers with responsibilities for safety in industry sectors characterized by inherent organisational complexity and high levels of regulation, such as the nuclear sector.

This newly published MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) was developed in the frame of the EU funded ELSE Project, to offer you an insight, informed by the most recent findings of social and management sciences, into the key concepts and main challenges of leadership for safety.  
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The ELSE MOOC is elaborated by an international team of professors and experts, world class specialists in their field and addresses a significant part of the theoretical knowledge of the ELSE curriculum. MOOC consists of two complementary e-learning units, elaborated by an international team of academics and nuclear sector experts, each requiring approximately 2,5 screen-days of attendance.

The ELSE MOOC is available free of charge.

This MOOC is implemented in partnership with INSA (Institut National des sciences appliquées, University of Toulouse, France) using innovative pedagogical and multimedia tools.

                                                                                 The ELSE will be available from September 2022.

MOOC Content

This state-of-the-art MOOC introduces key concepts of the ELSE training.

Unit 1: Management and leadership for safety: key concepts

1. Managing safety: an evolving problematic
2. Different types of risk: a technical approach
3. Organizational structure and design
4. Safety culture
5. Leadership
6. Knowledge and learning
7. Safety standards

Unit 2: Management and leadership for safety in practice: key challenges

1. Management of paradoxes
2. Ethics and Risks Management
3. Reliability: the importance of resilience
4. Collective cognition
5. Individual factors of dealing with uncertainty
6. Organizational limits and the paradox of almost totally safe systems
7. Leadership to enhance safety in day-to-day practices