A mandatory course on thesis submission must be taken before the defense, to ensure that students fully comply with the precise rules governing the submission of the manuscript, any modifications to it and the distribution of the thesis.
Doctoral students must also submit their thesis manuscript to the university library (see instructions for submitting a doctoral thesis). This deposit is mandatory before the defense: the diploma will not be issued if the thesis has not been submitted.

The title page of the thesis must comply with the Université Côte d'Azur template and graphic charter (template see paragraph Writing a thesis and Pdf conversion that specifies the information that must be included). The title of the thesis must be the same as the one declared to the Doctoral School.

If the reports are favorable, the institution initiates the process for authorizing the defense. The defense documents are then published and must be collected before the defense.

Modifications to the manuscript

If modifications are requested by the jury

Doctoral students have 3 months to make these changes and send them to the thesis department of the University Library of their campus.
Doctoral students are authorized to submit their manuscript after the defense.
Documents to be provided after the defense:
Corrected digital files (only one deposit can be made after the defense).
The form "Compliance of the corrected digital version".

If minor corrections are needed

Corrections are approved as soon as the University Library receives the jury's confirmation. The thesis supervisor approves the corrections made to the manuscript with the assistance of the doctoral student.

If the corrected manuscript is not submitted within the deadline, the previous one submitted before the defense is archived and distributed.

If major corrections are needed

Corrections are approved upon receipt by the University Library of the jury’s opinion specifying that major corrections are needed, and of notification from the Doctoral School certifying that the requested corrections have been made under the supervision of a designated member of the jury.
Issuance of the diploma is conditional on submission of the corrected manuscript.
A deposit after the defense will not be accepted when not requested by the jury on the "Jury's opinion regarding the archiving and distribution of the defended thesis" form.

Thesis distribution and archiving

Unless the thesis has been declared confidential, the institution ensures that it is distributed within the institution via its intranet and to the entire university community via the interlibrary loan system (PEB). The complete version of the manuscript, compliant with the defense version, is sent to the Centre informatique national de l'enseignement supérieur (CINES) for archiving in complete confidentiality and without any distribution.

If the manuscript is not submitted within the deadline, the manuscript submitted before the defense is archived and distributed.