Doctoral degree in continuing education


Anyone with more than one year of professional experience can complete all of part of a degree by means of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
The continuing education department offers individual assistance and examines free of charge whether candidates are admissible.

Procedure for requesting a doctoral degree based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL or VAE in French)

Articles L. 6411-1 to L. 6423-3 of the French Labor Code set out the provisions for recognition of previous experience.
All requests should be sent to

Assessment criteria:

  • The application must be approved by a supervisor authorized to direct research (HDR), who is prepared to supervise the candidate up to the thesis defense.
  • The application must include proof of the candidate’s ability to select a well-defined research project with clearly described scientific implications and objectives and to conduct research independently.
  • The candidate’s work must already have been published.
  • The application should meet the standards of the National Council of Universities (CNU).
  • The thesis can be a work-based dissertation, but in any case, in addition to the collected articles, it must include a specific introduction, conclusion and bibliography.

All the information you need is available on the VAE page.