Iryna S
Iryna S

Targeting of oncogenic microRNAs with small molecules: toward new chemotherapies

Iryna Shcheholeva
Doctoral Candidate in 3rd year


One of the most amazing discoveries of the past decades in the domain of genetic oncology is that cancer is related to alterations of both protein coding genes and non-coding RNAs, such as microRNAs (miRNAs). The purpose of this project is the development of novel small-molecule drugs targeting specific oncogenic miRNAs production via original catalytic and green methodologies according to Diversity Oriented Synthesis.

To do so, the PhD candidate will conduct three concomitant tasks :

Task 1: Synthesis of small molecules via original methodologies according to Diversity Orientated ;
Task 2: Evaluation of the biological activity of the synthesized compounds on oncogenic miRNAs involved in gastric cancers, glioblastoma and colon cancer ; Task 3: Molecular modelling studies.

This is a highly challenging and very promising approach that would open the way for innovative targeted cancer therapy and will therefore guarantee employability in R&D companies or universities.


  • Researcher Maria Duca, Institute of Chemistry of Nice (ICN)
  • Professor Véronique Michelet, Institute of Chemistry of Nice (ICN)
Tutor from Academia

Lise Arena, Researcher at GREDEG – UMR 7321

Mentor from Industry

Jean-Claude Ortuno, Researcher at Servier

International 6-months secondment in Spain

in the supervision of Dr. Roger Estrada Tejedor, Researcher at Molecular Design Laboratory