Riccardo Di Dio
Riccardo Di Dio

Detection Tool for Broncho Constrictions

Riccardo Di Dio
Doctoral Candidate in 3rd year


Amongst the most frequent lung’s diseases, many induce a shrinking of the bronchi, typically asthma, COPD (“smoker disease”), bronchiolitis in babies, cystic fibrosis, etc. One of the goals of the therapies is to correct those constrictions in order to restore normal air flows within the lung. It is however very difficult to know where the constrictions occur as no direct information can be obtained from routine lung’s explorations. Consequently, many therapeutic responses, such as chest physiotherapy, are empirical and are difficult to validate.

This interdisciplinary PhD thesis aims at giving a scientific basis to this empirical knowledge. The main goal is to build for the first time an artificial intelligence (AI) that will be able to relate data from routine exploration with the localisation of the constrictions.


  • Researcher Benjamin Mauroy, VADER center (Center for Virtual modeling of respiration) & LJAD (Jean Alexandre Dieudonné Laboratory of mathematics)
  • Professor Lisa Giovannini-Chami, Pneumology Department, Lenval Hospital,
Tutor from Academia

Andrè Galligo, Professor at Université Côte d'Azur

Mentor from Industry

Barretts Mitchell, CEO Respinnovation

International 6-months secondment in Belgium

in the supervision of Professor Olivier Debeir, Brussels Polytechnic School