The tuition fees cover all academic-related costs (teaching, use of libraries and computing facilities, supervision and examination) and all administrative elements of your registration and enrollment, apart from the Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC) which is around €100 per year. They do not cover living costs, study materials or travel.


The tuition fee is 5000 € per academic year. This amount is valid for one academic year and will be carried over to the next, whether you move on to the next year or repeat the current one.
Deliberation n° 2021-27 of the Academic Council of October 28, 2021.

The tuition fees rate will be determined according to the student’s household's country of tax residency in the year Y-2 before the first year of studies. Students with a household tax residency in an EU country may be eligible for a tuition fees reduction based on the gross household income in the year Y-2. For students with a household tax residency outside the EU in the year Y-2, the full tuition fees rate will apply.

Students will be required to provide proof of their household income in the year Y-2 for the purpose of calculation of the tuition fees: 
- For students in initial education (students pursuing studies without interruption), the income of both parents will be considered.
- For students in permanent education (students with a salaried status, resuming studies after a 2-year break or more), their own income (and their partner’s income if applicable) will be considered.

The tuition fees below will apply to new entrants and will be carried over to the following year in case of further study and/or repetition of a year. The tuition fees are the same for both years of study and cannot be modified in the second year regardless of changes in personal circumstances. 
Deliberation n° 2021-27 of the Academic Council of October 28, 2021.
Annual Gross Income Tuition fees
< 35 000 € 300 €
35 001 € - 50 000 € 2500 €
50 001 € - 80 000 € 4000 €
> 80 000 € 5000 €


Idex Scholarship

Each year Université Côte d'Azur awards 10 Idex scholarships to the best MSc candidates. The recipients of these grants of excellence will be exempt from tuition fees and will receive a stipend of €5,000.
To be eligible, students will have to apply to one of Université Côte d'Azur's international MSc program. Candidates will then be assessed based on the results obtained in their final year at university. 

Application are open from the 15/03 to the 15/05, check the procedure on the MIO website. 

NeuroMod Excellence Grant

The NeuroMod Institute, hosting component of the MSc, offers Excellence grants for incoming students (M1 students who got newly accepted in the program). Students can get up to 1000€ per month for maximum 6 months. The selection criteria are excellence, integration into the local environment and financial difficulty. Foreign candidates will be favored, even if this does not exclude the financing of French candidates.

France Excellence Europa

International students from 26 European countries may be awarded the France Excellence Europa scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree at Université Côte d’Azur for a maximum period of 12 months (M2) or 24 months (M1).
For more information, please visit the Campus France's webpage or download the program

Eiffel Program

The Eiffel scholarship program is a tool developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enable French higher education institutions to attract the best foreign students to graduate programs at the master's and doctoral levels. The application deadline is usually in November. 

More information here

Other Grants

Campus France has developped a grant search engine that lists many scholarship opportunities. Check their website for more information.