MSc Modeling for Neuronal and Cognitive Systems

About this Master of Science...

Mod4NeuCog is a 2-year master's program on the modeling of neuronal and cognitive systems, which is designed to train the interdisciplinary researchers of tomorrow. Through its innovative mentoring approach, Mod4NeuCog aims to encourage students to develop their natural curiosity and independence. The goal is to train active researchers at the crossroads of applied mathematics and cognitive sciences.

Key Information 

  • Duration: 2 years full-time
  • Location: Nice & Sophia Antipolis Campus
  • Language: English
  • Degree: Master of Science from Université Côte d'Azur (Official Master Degree Accreditation)

Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire 
1645 Route des Lucioles 
FR-06410 BIOT

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    • IDEX UCAJedi
    Neuroscience for dummies - Video by our M1 student Mathilde Reynes
    What are moral dilemmas? Our M1 student Mathilde Reynes created an awesome clip explaining what happens in our brain when we face tricky moral situations. This exercise was part of the course " Data Collection Methods and Statistical Analysis" with Dr. Seçkin Arslan
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    NeuroMod Excellence Scholarships
    Only for candidates who have been accepted in the first year of the MSc program