European MSc Molecular Pathology

Personalized medicine presents new opportunities for patients with various diseases.

Patient care and safety through tissue and biofluids investigation to the correct diagnosis and subsequent therapy is the mission of Molecular Pathology.

However, many patients do not receive the most effective personalized treatments because of challenges associated with integrating predictive biomarker testing into clinical care. Patients are lost at various steps along the precision medicine pathway because of operational inefficiencies, limited understanding of biomarker strategies, inappropriate testing result usage, and access barriers.

There is an urgent need for the standardization of the molecular analyses in order to reach safety for patients, reproducibility and exchangeability among European institutions. Pathologists need to be prepared to use a common language and interpretation tools in molecular pathology to improve the European networking, which will be reflected on the efficacy of treatments.

This European program will give you an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of disease mechanisms and molecular technologies while also developing your critical and practical expertise. You will learn how to apply and interpret advanced molecular technologies and use them in pathology. You will gain the essential training you need to pursue a career as EUMS* endorsed Molecular Pathologist.

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