MSc Music Scoring for Visual Media and Sound Design

Writing music for films and visual media is an inspiring and exciting field, giving free expression to your ideas and emotions.  It is, however, a very demanding job, requiring specific technical skills and expertise, which you must acquire through a solid education.

The MSc in Music Scoring for Visual Media and Sound Design offers a national and international advanced education of excellence that will develop your craft and art of composing, orchestrating, editing and mixing music for the screen.

Our program will equip you with the skills to master the entire music production process, from musical composing to post-production, in the music-for-media landscape:  film, advertising, television series, video games, and so forth.

You will hone your skills in composition, orchestration, sound design, creative management, artistic entrepreneurship and finally post-production on the Dolby Atmos spatial sound system, with the benefit of a partnership with DOLBY. At the end of each year, you will have the opportunity to record your own creation with a full orchestra, thanks to a unique partnership with the prestigious Orchestre National de Cannes, recognized as a National Orchestra in 2022.

This program will be conducted at our new Georges Méliès campus in Cannes, a creative campus with a 50m2 sound studio, a large 250m2 stage, and a fully equipped IT room partnered by Native Instruments and Izotope.

Enhanced by a partnership with Dolby, our master classes allow you to edit and produce your own creations with Dolby Atmos, in a complete Dolby-certified mixing studio provided by Fondation Université Côte d'Azur. At the end of the program, you will obtain not only a Master of Science diploma, but also a professional DOLBY certification.



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