Modeling, Physics, and Mathematics of Living Systems

This program aims to position the Université Côte d’Azur internationally with respect to the new interfaces of biology and medicine with various disciplines. These interactions will enable the development of new analysis and simulation models of living systems.

Program objectives:

  1. Create a network of expertise to link imaging techniques, image analysis, physical and mathematical modeling, and computer science to better describe phenomena in molecular and cellular biology.
  2. Aid the creation of strong collaborations between modelers, biologists, and doctors.
  3. Develop new tools, experimental platforms, and new analysis methods.
  4. Offer innovative training alongside this research.

Comité d’animation :

  • Xavier Noblin
  • Benjamin Mauroy
  • Romain Gautier
Projects 2016/2018 Modeling, Physics, and Mathematics of Living Systems
Activity Year Project name Principal Investigator Partners Duration
IDEX BOARD ACTIONS Call for expressions of interest 2016 SHAPING LIFE Matteo Rauzi IBV 4 years
VADER Benjamin Mauroy LJAD 4 years
Thematic calls for proposals 2017 COllective MOtion of Phytophthora ZOOspores Xavier Noblin & Eric Galiana INPHYNI & INRA 2 years
Modeling the plasticity of cancer stem cells: from fundamental mechanisms to novel bioactive molecules Frederic Cazals & Isabelle Mus-Veteau Inria & IPMC 3 years
Other organization of the community Xavier Noblin, Benjamin Mauroy, Romain Gautier Académies d'Excellence "Systèmes complexes", "Complexité et diversité du vivant" 3 years
Joint CNRS/UCAJEDI action in physics Biofilms as active polymeric mixtures: osmotic response to a changing physical environment Agnese Seminara Inphyni 1 year
Magneto-microfluidic immunoassays with nanoparticles P. Kuzhir Inphyni 1 year
Dynamic response and optical stimulations S. Barland Inphyni 1 year
Swimming Underwater roBOT M. Argentina Inphyni 1 year
IDEX training programs Computational approaches of living systems: modeling, bioinformatics (evolution of BIM) Xavier Noblin Inphyni
High Performance Calculus Elie Hachem Mines Paris Tech
Intl. Conference calls for proposals 2017 Computational principles to organize complexity : success stories in quantitative biology, 29 May-6 June 2018 Agnese Seminara Inphyni 29 May–6 June 2018
2018 Biophysics of Exo-Endocytosis: from model systems to cells Guillaume Drin IPMC 3-6 avril 2019
ACADEMY 2 CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2016/17 Swimming Underwater roBOT ARGENTINA Inphyni 1 year
Biology and Physics of invasive fungal growth ARKOWITZ IBV 3 years
Project Wave IMAGing MIGLIACCIO LEAT/I3S 1 year
Modelling lung’s airflows and mechanics in realistic lung’s geometries MAUROY LJAD 1 year
Dynamical expanding networks: Modeling, Analysis & Simulation of multi-scale spatial exploration under constraints. Yves D'Angelo LJAD 1 year
Magnetic microfiltration of nanoparticles in view of applications to immunoassays Kuzhir Inphyni 1 year
Modeling adipose tissue depots expansion Gilleron Jerome C3M 1 year
Quantitative analysis of exovesicle transport dynamics in the Zebrafish Left/Right organizer Fürthauer Maximilian et Xavier Descombes IBV/Inria 1 year
2016 + 2018 Stable Isotopes Transport and Homeostasis Laurent Counillon LPMC 1 year
2018 Developing and Structuring Biophotonics at UCA Gian Luca Lippi INPHYNI 1 year
Interaction between cells and nanowires for the realization of an optogenetic platform Blandine Alloing CRHEA 1 year
NODES: New Optical DEtection Schemes for biology Gian Luca Lippi INPHYNI 1 year
ACADEMY 4 CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2017 Funding of dual interdisciplinary Master's:
Atomic and cellular impacts of modifications of the Fragile-X Mental Retardation Protein by SUMO C Gwizdek / C Cazals IPMC/Inria 1 year
Detection, classification, and characterization of mitochondrial networks: applications to Alzheimer's and cancer X Descombes / M Chami C3M/IPMC/MORPHEME 1 year
Identification of inhibitors disrupting MITF interactions with DNA A Burger ICN/C3M 1 year
Research and characterization of anti-invasive cancer drugs M.Franco/ M Mehiri IPMC/ICN 1 year
Development of molecules for chemoresistant hematologic diseases A Martin / G Robert 1 year
Identification of next-generation antimicrobial immunostimmulant compounds T Michel / L Boyer 1 year
Role of distance and energy in vectorial lipid transport G Drin / A Seminara /INPHYNI 1 year
Fast measurements of intracellular pH using microfuidic systems X. Noblin INPHYNI / LP2M 1 year
New machine learning approaches for single cell RNA seq analysis A Paquet / M Barlaud 1 year