SIM - Smart IoT for Mobility

Blockchains and Smart contracts for the IoT

The objective of the Smart IoT for Mobility project is to develop a first trans-disciplinary scientific approach to a new economy, mainly based on the adoption of a virtual currency and, above all, on the execution of intelligent contracts (Smart Contracts), the whole being really adaptable to the rising generation of Internet of Things (IoT).

This new economy is based on the disappearance of trusted third parties - typically the banks - or rather on the complete decentralization of these and the almost systematic adoption of an Internet-type network shared by "customers".
It is necessary to imagine devices (computers, smart phones, embedded communicating architectures...) which are all related to each others by such a network. Each participant in this network (a customer, a service provider) is identified by a unique address, assigned when he joins the system, which will be used for its identification in all the transactions he will make. This model is decentralized as it has no central control authority, unlike the traditional banking model.

The Smart IoT for Mobility project is particularly interested in Smart Contracts, for their central use in this decentralized economy, and on operational ways to execute and deploy them.