Want to know more about what it's really like to study in our msc program? Who better to give you an insight than our students!

Kervelle Baird
Kervelle Baird

"The MSc RISKS program complemented my background and aligned with my career aspirations. I was even more impressed with the IMREDD campus in person. I like the diversity of our class and the professionals who lecture us. I also appreciate the field trips and the connection we have with the M2 students.

Since becoming a student at UCA, I have had the opportunity to represent the school and ULYSSEUS European University in the European Student Assembly as co-facilitator of the panel on climate refugees. This experience complements my interest in applying comprehensive environmental and socioeconomic awareness which the MSc RISKS program also provides."

Kervelle, Trinidad and Tobago

Chevaughn Whyte
Chevaughn Whyte

"With a background in geological science and a passion of Climate Change awareness, pursuing this masters at UCA has so far expanded my perspective on the different geopolitical and socioeconomic challenges that hinder us as humans.

I enjoy the diversity of my fellow cohort and the friendly atmosphere between the administration and students. I’m grateful for the new connections that I have made across all professional spectrums. I believe this masters program will continue to guide me to be an agent of change that this world needs."

Chevaughn, Jamaica

Juan Patino Otalvaro
Juan Patino Otalvaro

"The MSc Risks program has been an exciting and enriching experience that’s allowed me to expand my knowledge of environmental issues while bringing myself one step closer to my career goals.

Taught by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, the program is structured in a non-traditional and unique way that allows you to gain valuable experience first-hand.

Here, in the beautiful region of the Côte d’Azur, the MSc RISKS program has led me to cross paths with wonderful people and allowed me to explore incredible places - the best part of it all!"

Juan, Canada/Colombia

Chloe Campo
Chloe Campo

"I appreciate that this program uses an interdisciplinary approach to environmental hazards. It bridges the gap between technical scientific knowledge and risk management to ensure that we are adequately prepared for a wide variety of careers in the future. 
The lecturers elevate this program greatly with their diverse backgrounds and expertise on environmental issues. I feel very privileged to learn from and work with both professors and students of such a high caliber. "

Chloe, USA

Mostafa Banitalebi
Mostafa Banitalebi

"Understanding environmental issues usually requires a wide range of science and skills. Although I already have a PhD in Water Resources Engineering, I still feel the lack of some skills dealing with environmental challenges. The MSc Environmental Hazards and Risks Management program provides a perfect combination of skills and modules to face these challenges.

In addition, dedicating one semester to an internship, rather than a dissertation, will have a tremendous impact on the consolidation of these skills and, consequently, the student's future career."

Mostafa, Iran


Luna Kitanovska
Luna Kitanovska

"The program's educational approach is impeccably crafted to serve the needs of the students. Contemporary, inventive, intense but easy to navigate thanks to the dedication of the professors who are accomplished practitioners in their field. The professionalism and kindness of the staff and the international student body make me feel welcome, surrounded by a most pleasant “home away from home” feeling.

It is a wonderful idea to place a program equipped with future facing technologies in one of the most beautiful places on earth, in a building that takes your breath away. I feel privileged to be a part of it and happy knowing that I have made the best choice for my future.''

Luna, Macedonia

Fabienne Horneman
Fabienne Horneman

''When I was looking for an MSc program there were many things I considered, and this MSc program is definitely exceeding my expectations. The program is diverse and brings different fields together to help explain hazards and risks management. The different courses integrate theory and practical applications; thereby, preparing the students for the future by giving them the necessary skills to help them approach hazards and risks. 

In the MSc Risks program I feel part of a community and it is very easy to exchange knowlegde with the lecturers and the administrative team. Everyone is very friendly and I feel very comfortable.''

Fabienne, Netherlands

Bongeka Stuurman
Bongeka Stuurman

"The MSc Risks program is taught by welcoming, professional and amazing lecturers, which made the move quite comfortable. Also, I really appreciate the French education system because it integrates the theoretical part of the studies with the practical part by making internships mandatory for students. This helps students apply the knowledge and gives them work experience. 

It is quite an exciting challenge to improve yourself. I also enjoy learning about other nationalities, and I am so excited for the remaining months I have in this program."

Bongeka, South Africa

Zach Foltz
Zach Foltz

"The MSc Risks program is for anyone looking to expand their skillset when it comes to solving environmental issues. The faculty are incredibly knowledgeable on the most pressing environmental issues in society today and present a wide range of perspectives to learn from.

Nice is an excellent place to study this topic due to the variety of the surrounding geography, and working with an international team of students allows for discussion on how to apply this knowledge worldwide. Overall, I am very happy with my decision to attend UCA and am looking forward to the opportunity to make a difference in the future."

Zach, USA

Priscilla, Indonesia

"I was a Computer Science major and wanted to broaden my knowledge in natural hazards and environmental problems. The MSc Risks program is thoroughly designed so that students from different background like me can follow the courses well.

The courses are well balanced in terms of theoretical-practical elements and fundamental-applied knowledge. The lecturers are experts in their field of study and each of them gives an invaluable perspective of each subject.

I feel grateful to the university staff who are warm and always willing to help. I enjoy my student life because Nice is a great place to study, especially for those who prefer a more laid-back atmosphere than in a big city."

Eleni, Greece

''I would definitely recommend this MSc to people with an environmental background, especially environmental engineering as myself. The lecturers assist us in using our knowledge to work together to resolve modern environmental issues.

Also, getting to know an international class of students in this city that reminds me a lot of home, helps me improve as a person. Considering all this, it is likely that MSc Risks will become one of the best experiences of my life !''

Malithi, Sri Lanka

"The MSc Risks program has exposed me to a student-centered learning atmosphere and helped me to broaden my horizons in this field. This program helps me to improve my analytical thinking and problem solving abilities while being innovative, and trains me to use the theoretical knowledge in practical aspects.

For those who are truly passionate about learning Environmental scenarios at a global scale and for those who want to balance their life while enjoying what we study, this is the best platform to start from."

Julia, Germany

"I chose to apply for the Environmental Hazards and Risks Management Master because I really appreciated the technical focus of the program. It is not just a general degree that focuses on the theory of climate change but we learn how to approach environmental hazards from a scientific and managerial standpoint.

The use of software such as GIS to analyze and investigate environmental disasters based on remote sensed imagery for example also means that we will graduate with a unique set of hard skills that will be advantageous on the career market.

Furthermore, being taught by experts from various related fields grants us the opportunity to gain real insight into the issues at hand and what is currently practiced in the field."

Alejandra, Mexico 

"My first semester in the MSc Risks program has been an amazing experience. It's just the beginning and I can appreciate how the topics are building solids bases for a transdisciplinary approach to environmental risks.

The professors are very experienced professionals sharing their expertise, and the university staff are always warm and helpful. I am very happy to have colleagues from many different countries and to share this adventure together with them."

Phindile Siyasanga, South Africa

''I love this programme: how it is structured and how it is taught. I like how the lecturers interact with us even outside of class time.

There are many lecturers for one topic which can be confusing if you're not used to it, but we are being taught by specialists in their fields which is very good because of the practical side that they bring to the table.''