Immersion at the COP !

Published on November 23, 2023 Updated on July 19, 2024

from December 4, 2023 to December 8, 2023

From 13:00 (French time)

Find out more about the COP with our representatives !

Click on this link to follow our representatives in the corridors of COP28.


Monday December 4th

"What does a COP look like?

From 13:00 (French time)

Sara-Anne Comel, from the Pavilions at COP28, explains how the Pavilions are organised and programmed, and explains their different functions.

Wednesday December 6th

"What about young people?"

From 13:00 (French time)

Erwin Franquet shows us the Youth Pavilion and explains the role of young people at COP28.

Friday December 8th

"Professor Martin subtitles!"

From 13:00 (French time)

Jean-Christophe Martin, duplexed from the negotiating rooms, deciphers the exchanges, explains the process and gives us an update on the negotiations.

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