How do I choose a thesis topic?

There is no good or bad thesis subject.

However, it is important the fulfill at least three conditions :

  • the subject must be part of a realistic and achievable project. So, it must be scientifically treatable within the time limit of the doctorate ;
  • The thesis must represent a contribution to his scientific field;
  • A host laboratory must validate the thesis subject.

Ideally, a thesis subject should be built up gradually, over the weeks or even months preceding the request for a doctoral contract or the first registration in thesis. This subject is built by relying on readings (bibliography, sources)

You have several possibilities :

  • Choose a subject among the current proposals published on the doctoral school websites and submit your application according to the modalities indicated.
  • Propose a thesis subject to a laboratory or o doctoral school (mainly in the specialities of human and social sciences, law, political science, economics, management). Then, the thesis subject will be developped with the future thesis director.
  • Consult the laboratories and university research schools (E.U.R) websites in your speciality to find out the subjects and funding offered.

During this step, the student enters into a reading process, reflection and discussions with his supervisor or other ressource persons who can provide additional advice on the project feasibility or the approach used relevance.

The choice of subject and the development of the research project are imprtant decisions for the future. They must be as enlightened as possible.