Mini-project and Internships

This section gives you all necessary information regarding the mandatory internships and the mini project, as well as the required documents.

2nd Semester : Mini project 


The program of the second semester (from March to June) includes a mini-project, carried out individually. The goal is that students discover the research activities at Université Côte d'Azur and find their local internship for the second year. There is a wide range of potential topics: robot programming, EEG data analysis, models of synapses, cognitive experiments on rats, neuromorphic card, deep learning and language, etc.

Examples of past mini projects

"NeuRobot: A neural-based robotic system for emulating Predator/Prey models" LEAT laboratory
"Analysis and Simulation of the Learning Dynamics based on Biological Rat Experiments" IPMC / LJAD / I3S laboratories
"Acquisition of experimental data in neuro-psycho-linguistics" BCL laboratory
"Scientific Machine Learning to fit a model of synapse" INRIA / IPMC 
"Eye movements as an access to the brain in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)" IPMC

3rd Semester : Internship at Université Côte d'Azur

24 ECTS 

Starting in September and ending in February. We organize the first internships within our large network of partner institutions at a laboratory of Université Côte d'Azur.

Mandatory documents

Get your paperwork done !

we only need : 

  • the signed internship agreement 
  • a copy of your civil liability insurance covering internships 
  • copy of your ID, student ID and your health insurance card
  • RIB : official bank document for payments (banking information)
4th Semester: Internship abroad 

30 ECTS 

The second internship is preferably abroad or outside of academia, but exceptions may be possible, especially in the case of visa requirements. For financial help, see the section "Mobility Grants".

Mandatory documents 

we only need : 

  • the signed internship agreement 
  • a copy of your civil liability insurance covering internships 
  • copy of your ID, student ID
  • health insurance card or certificate of the health insurance policy covering you for working abroad 
Mobility Grants

For internships in the EU, you can apply to the Erasmus+ program. Information will be sent to all the students during the third semester. You can also find other international mobility fundings (for instance the Programme Régional d'Aide à la Mobilité Etudiante based on social criteria).

Finally, The NeuroMod Institute, hosting component of the MSc, also offers mobility grants to its students for internship abroad. Student can get grants for up to 6 months and 1000€ per month