What is it ? 

A highly interactive and intensive refresher module during the first few weeks of study, counting for 15 ECTS

What is it for? 

Students come with various academic backgrounds and knowledge into the MSc. The bootcamp is designed to put everyone on the same page, especially in mathematics and computer science.

Subject Teacher Face to face hours Exam
Linear Algebra & Differential Equations Martin Krupa 60 Yes
Statistics & Probability Patricia Reynaud-Bouret 42 Yes
Modeling and Simulation Alexandre Muzy 42 Yes
Cognitive Science Tobias Scheer 12 No
Experimental Cognitive Science Miriam Debraise 12 Yes
Bases of Neuroscience Fabrizio Capitano 6 Yes
Animal Experiments Ingrid Bethus 6 Yes
Basics in Programming Ashwin James 6 No
Presentation of electives - 6 No