Immersion project - Phase 3: polish-up & coach

Once in second year, students continue to benefit from one day per week to produce more value from their internship's work and to value it better. They also have to coach the first year students who are taking relay of their projects. The final presentation and reports are due in December.

IMMERS3 | #Personal development | 6 ECTS

Semester 3 (Fall)


Learning outcomes

Students should be able to

  • pass on their experience and knowledge to their successor in the project
  • valorize and promote their results for communication purposes


  • Christophe Mocquet (module coordinator)
  • Aldine Amiel (UCA, IRCAN lab)
  • Paola Furla (UCA, IRCAN lab)
  • Crystalle Moreno (UCA)


  • Final project presentation
  • Final report
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