MSc RISKS visit to Thales Alenia Space

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Published on November 5, 2021 Updated on May 31, 2022
MSc RISKS students and staff
MSc RISKS students and staff

On Thursday 28 October 2021, MSc Risks students from both years visited the Thales Alenia Space Aerospace company in Cannes.

The students enjoyed a guided tour of the facilities given by Stephane Pierotti (Thales Observation and Science programs Directorate, MSc RISKS lecturer and member of the MSc RISKS steering committee), accompanied by Dennis Fox and Frédéric Grognard (MSc RISKS program co-directors).

The tour included a visit to the satellite production center, where two telecommunications satellites currently being developed were showcased. The students also visited two laboratories dedicated to R&D and innovation: the first was Fablab, dedicated to the simulation and design of innovative ideas using 3D printers. The second was the Robotic laboratory, where the innovation team presented to the students the EROSS+ project for European Robotic Orbital Support Services. 

However, the highlight of the tour was the test resources room, where the students observed the Thales engineers prepare the METEOSAT Next Generation and SWOT satellites to enter the Thermal Vacuum Chamber that reproduces space conditions.

This unforgettable experience enabled the students to expand their knowledge on the construction of satellites, and answered many of their questions with the help of experts. Overall, it was a very successful and interesting visit for all!

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