Understand the luxury industry through customers and data !


Digital & Luxury Industries

The digital trajectory in luxury has become clearer.  It is an essential source of growth and a powerful way to increase brand equity by creating brand advocacy and a compelling story.  It allows companies to re-think key business processes, both upstream and downstream. A "Luxury 4.0" operating model is emerging giving brands and retailers data access to develop customer intimacy, capture new customer preferences and streamline the process of turning ideas into new products. Effective branding can improve customer relationships and restore the authentic personal luxury experiences once reserved for a small elite group. Lastly, the digital trajectory is likely to drive further changes, for which luxury market players should prepare.

Digital developments will continue to impact consumer behavior, seeking to create experiences beyond merely shopping and buying.  Today’s consumers are purchasing brands' experiences and emotions. Digital shopping has driven consumers to expect constant excitement. The excitement deriving from consumers’ last online experience sets the bar for both the next online and in-store shopping experience.  Now is the era of omnichannel reverse logistics, requiring a seamless shopping experience across online and physical interactions. Digital technology is no longer exclusive to sales or communication channels.  Instagram has become the new window display, and digital platforms, the source of inspiration for reinventing the role of the store and the customer.



Affluencers are affluent millennials who are influential on social networks.  Representing more than 100 million social network users worldwide, they have become both the new target population and a vehicle for luxury brands and content creators. 

Analyzing the behavior and interactions of these millions of Affluencers allows us to:

  • Identify their system of influence

  • Identify their emotional triggers 

  • Understand and anticipate trends

  • Analyze brand strategies


Taught exclusively in English, our Master-level program uses innovative teaching methods (e.g. reinforced interactions, rich course content, integrated projects,) and a skill-based approach to potential employment. Part of the curriculum is available online affording flexibility should short absences, work commitments, or distance, prevent attendance.  Students will benefit from the Riviera LuxuryTech Ecosystem, the expertise of Côte d'Azur laboratories, and the environmental management approach of our high level mentors.


This innovative project-based training program is designed to equip students with a high level of expertise, and create economic value deriving from the intelligent analysis of high end consumer data available on social networks.

The program's main objective is to strengthen the understanding of the luxury universe specific ecosystem.  We use a new market validation approach to the study of luxury consumers, to help implement work practices specific to the luxury industry based on data analysis.  Additionally, the program aims at allowing graduates of a Master in Economics, Data Analyst, or Marketing, to acquire a double competency. 

Learning outcomes
Based on fundamental modules providing consumer knowledge, segmentation, data use and analytics, this course leads to a deeper understanding of high-end customers and the LuxuryTech ecosystem.  Graduates will be able to:
  • Conduct predictive analysis of behavior, trends, and campaign performance

  • Organize and lead entrepreneurial projects

  • Launch inspiring experiences using AI and VR technologies as well as neuroscience

  • Manage digital campaigns for digital natives

  • Combining research and data to deliver effective campaigns in the luxury sector



Our interdisciplinary approach, coupled with empowering immersion projects, leads to specialized expertise in data analytics, marketing, or entrepreneurship. Wherever interests lie, program graduates will become open-minded experts at building startups.  By adapting communication to a target audience, they will contribute to strong decision-making through environmental quality and impact analytics.

Examples of job opportunities : 

  • Chief Digital Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Experience Officer
  • Influencer Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Consumer Data Analyst
  • LuxuryTech Entrepreneur

Program Organisation

The complete training includes 250 hours of seminars in year 1, and 250 hours of seminars in year 2. Each year includes a 4 to 6 month internship or project supervised by an expert from the Université Côte d'Azur training program.