MSc Affluencers & Luxury business



Technology & innovation are shaping the future of luxury experiences, products & processes.

Luxury brand designers have become aware that they must engage their affluent consumers in new ways. To this end, they have leveraged social media, gaining massive advertisement, widespread acceptance, brand loyalty, and more importantly, reaching millennials and generation Z.

Our interdisciplinary and international approach combines data, economic behavior and marketing. It will allow you to understand:

  • How luxury fashion and lifestyle brands can leverage technology to reach customers at an emotional level
  • How online channels can be leveraged to connect with luxury customers
  • How technology can help luxury brands gain traction
  • How influence marketing can be used in the luxury niche to anticipate new standards as we move into the post-covid world


The Affluencers & Luxury Business MSc is a global research & innovation program where "Affluencers" are analyzed through a scientific approach and a multidisciplinary course work  (artificial intelligence, deep learning, predictive, nowcasting, semantic web, customer analysis, behavioral economics, emotions.)

Upon completion of the program, students will understand affluencers in their cultural and digital environment, evaluate their impact on the luxury industry, and identify trends. Joining forces with luxury industry experts and a solid network of partners, the program combines AI and elaborate effective go-to-market strategies for brands and investors based on the latest behavioral economic research.

Academic program based on three pillars:

Digital Business

Digital marketing
Digital marketing

Understand and identify the latest business models generated by new digital platforms, as well as the ecosystem and affluent millennial players.
Data Science

Data science
Data science

Identify, extract and use valuable online data to design and conceptualize new business models for the luxury industry, through a scientific interdisciplinary approach (artificial intelligence, deep learning, predictive, nowcasting, semantic web, customer analysis, behavioral economics, emotions.)



Innovate and bring value to the luxury ecosystem through an entrepreneurial approach to new trends and challenges generated by the emergence of affluencers.


  • IDENTIFY affluencers and their ecosystem
  • DETECT weak signals and trends
  • UNDERSTAND the "new normal" and digital related emotions
  • PREDICT future consumer behavior
  • CREATE go-to-market strategies


The Affluencers & Luxury business MSc courses are taught at both our Georges Méliès Campus, and our new Bastide Rouge campus in Cannes, home of the world's largest film festival.

Inaugurated in March 2021, our 4,200m² Bastide Rouge campus is located along Avenue Francis Tonner in La Bocca .  It includes a university center and a business center, a 12-screen movie theater complex and student housing providing 140 apartments.

The iconic Cannes convention center, Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, has an overall space capacity of  88,000m², including 35,000 m² for exhibitions, and 15 auditoriums, ranking Cannes as the second destination for business tourism in France. It welcomes approximately 300,000 congressmen annually and holds 40 to 50 international professional events.


Université Côte d'Azur - Logo
Université Côte d'Azur - Logo

Renowned for its innovative training offerings and high-level research centers, Université Côte d'Azur ranks among global elite universities in the field of content creation.  Its key factors of attractiveness include competitive goals and commitment.

Ville de Cannes
Ville de Cannes

The city of Cannes has created unique dynamics between tourism, entertainment, luxury, trade shows and festivals, making it a popular destination for affluencers.  As part of its economic development strategy, local support ensures project sustainability and integration.

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Lauchmetrics - LOGO
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