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Published on January 20, 2023 Updated on January 20, 2023

on the January 20, 2023


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As part of their training, the students of the MSc Management of the Fragrance and Flavor Industry met this Thursday, January 19 to present their tutored project in the presence of Mrs. Valérie Pisano, Director of the prestigious hotel Le Negresco, Mrs. Anne-Sophie Peyran, Director of Communication at Université Côte d'Azur, and the program’s management team, Mr. Jérémie Topin, Mr. Victor Mejia and Mrs. Marie-Catherine Mars.

The challenge: to create a fragrance that will be available in the form of different marketable products (home fragrance, scented candles, hand and body creams), to be sold at the university’s shop and within the Hotel Negresco.

The students worked in groups and came up with exciting projects; they presented their choice of formula and materials, explained the breakdown into different notes of their perfume, and discussed the marketing and regulatory aspects.

The UCA communication department and the Negresco must decide between these projects of excellence!

Congratulations to the students of the MSc Management of the Fragrance and Flavor Industry for their work and thank you to Mrs. Pisano, Mrs. Peyran, Mr. Topin, Mr. Mejia and Mrs. Mars for their high level of involvement in this great project!

The winners will be announced very soon!